Kim Blackwell

From Stroke To Recovery My Walk With God – A guide to recovery

This is the story of a 51-year-old active, independent, healthy, Christian woman who was doing what she loved running a art business and working for a travel company.  But on October 8, 2008, she suffered a massive stroke that would change her life forever. The word recovery represents not just getting back her physical body but obtaining the things she would need to get her life back.

 From Stroke To Recovery My Walk With God tells of her miraculous recovery and her faith and trust in God knowing he would bring her through the many challenges she would face to obtain what she had worked many years for. With her determination and perseverance, she endured until she obtained everything she needed to make her whole again such as an income, health insurance and transportation. This book will provide insight into the process of recovery to help others avoid the unnecessary pitfalls that she went through.

My Walk with God Continues Life after Stroke

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